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Lost in Space

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Lost in Space – Synopsis

Lost in Space is a series of Netflix plunging us into a future where the planet Earth is bound to become unlivable. Some people who have successfully passed tests will be granted the right to join a space station. Only after an attack, some residents of this station find themselves forced to evacuate. They will land on a planet that seems rather hostile.

A robot – a plot

When they crash a family finds itself meeting a very useful robot. Linked to a kind of friendship with the youngest of the family, the one called “the robot” will hold many surprises.

The scenario proposes at the same time to follow a family which tries to survive anyway, and the discovery of a civilization much more advanced than ours. Will our two civilizations be linked in one way or another?



La famille Robinson

John (the father), Maureen (the mother), Judy (eldest daughter), Penny and Will Robinson represent the composition of the family that left on the space station and had to evacuate it. Once on a new planet, they will have to survive with others. Fortunately they will meet quite quickly the so-called Le Robot.

Le Robot

The Robot will be linked with a certain friendship with Will the youngest of the family. They will protect one another. They will save each other’s lives from the start which will allow them to leave on a very good friendly basis. Although very quiet, the Robot is very endearing.

Dr Smith

Identity Thief Dr. Smith is a psychologist who will not hesitate to play with his ability to persuade. Whatever the situation she will handle to get by. Personally, I consider her the “bad guy”, the person to be shot. She is annoying to the possible and is confused herself in all the versions of her lies.



Lost in Space is a must-have series. This first season really opens the appetite on this scenario with a lot of suspense. It’s a very successful first season for a Science-Fiction Thriller series! The game of endearing actors, sometimes annoying, or even funny adds a beautiful achievement this season. A must see !



Recommanded by Corend !

Realization in 4K HDR

I was going to forget … The series is shot in 4K HDR, fan of beautiful images like me you will like but for once the technology is not pushed to its fair value I find in this series. So in HD or 4K it will be the same. It will not change you much in immersion.



Long term interest

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