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Thelma Film Critique


Thelma is the name of a young woman rather introverted and shy. Located on the west coast of Norway, she studies at the university.
This film is very confusing because of the personality of Thelma. Young at high potential, she will disturb you with the powers she can have.

TV Shows

Lost in Space 

“Lost in Space” is a series of Netflix plunging us into a future where the planet Earth is bound to become unlivable. Some people who have successfully passed tests will be granted the right to join a space station. Only after an attack, some residents of this station find themselves forced to evacuate. They will land on a planet that seems rather hostile.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 

“Three Billboards”: The Panels of Vengeance, is an American movie that we are going to see at the movies. In English Billboards are advertising billboards, you know the big billboards with ads on the edges in highways. Well here these 3 panels are in the middle of … nowhere.